Okay, so last night,  my dad and I were talking, and somehow we got on the subject of hunting and guns. Now, keep in mind, that my dad grew up in Oldtown, Florida... In the backwoods... He has been basically hunting everything from squirrels to deer his whol life. And I myself kinda enjoy it too... In short, he's teling me he wants to get my own 20 gauge for my birthday.This will be my own personal gun. I mean, yeah, I do have a BB gun, and sometimes I get to shoot an actual gun. But this one will be real. HOLY CRAP!!!! I'm actually kind of excited..... Yeah.... and to those of ya'll who don't hunt, or own guns, you're probably just like," What the SHMURR?!" (what up Superwoman reference!) For people like me, weapons have always been a part of your life, and its normal for us. On top of that, I come from a REALLY redneck family, so mudbuggies and saying "ya'll" is a BIG part of my life. So, I'm just gonna go now. Let me know your opinions in the comments below, and see ya'll next time!

NOTE: Sorry I haven't been on lately. I was camping. In the pouring rain.

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  1. shannoncoleman


    May 27, 2014