Okay, so my history teacher (Coach Jones) is INSANE. I swear. There was this one assignment earlier in the year where we all had to write a song... About Billy the Kid... He was a cowboy... Yeah... Then, SURPRISE! We came in on Monday, and he announced to us that we had to SING our presentations. Terrible. Especally for a shy person like myself, and most of my friends. I had a panic attack. I mean like full-on, heart-in-my-throat, clammy-hands, trouble-breathing, am-I-going-to-die kind of panic attack.Not helping my case of the "loser disease". But when he called my name to go up the front, I practically weightless, floating through the classroom. I got it together, and as soulfully as I could, belted out my new-and-improved version of "Angel With a Shotgun" by Cab. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them up again, it was over, and there was applause. Actual applause! For me! SHOCKER!!! People sincethen have been saying I can sing, but I really can't tell... I was too busy, you know, trying not to die...

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    May 19, 2017